Welcome to GWENS!

GWENS - Wellness for Women VLOG

 We are excited to announce that we are launching a vlog series focusing on Wellness for Women. We will be joined by our partner in wellness, Chaya Barnes.  In an effort to empower women to live our best lives, we will cover a range of topics including physical and mental wellness, and we will also be trying out related products and services marketed towards our demographic.  

GWENS - Cellulite Treatment product review

Ladies: Check out our first product review on a few cellulite products/treatments, including Beauty Bum, Sweet Sweat, Clarins Body Lift, the Fascia Blaster, Amilean, and B-Tight Booty Mask. 

GWENS - Follow up to Cellulite Product Review

Hi ladies, here’s our latest vlog — a follow up to our cellulite product review. I tried endermologie! Take a look!

GWENS - Skin Care Regimen

Our secret is revealed!

GWENS - Cryotherapy

We tried it.  Here's our take.

GWENS - Moments in Wellness

Our Dallas takeover weekend!

GWENS - 5 Minute Glam

Check out Shanon's 5 minute make up look!

GWENS - Boutique Fitness Options

We tried SolidCore, Soul Cycle, and Orangetheory.  Here are our thoughts!


 Brows and lash extensions are a must for us! Take a peek at the process.

GWENS - A Day in the life with shea

 Hey ladies, this week we are promoting the benefits of having a consistent routine !


Ladies, have you thought about using meal preparation services to save time on meal prep? Check out our latest vlog. Chaya Barnes joined us to try several services! See which ones we recommend. 


So, the GWENs have been busy trying out more relaxation techniques, spa services and wellness enhancements! Here’s our latest adventure at Vive Float Studio. We highly recommend that you check them out! And check out  our video. 

GWENS - Dermal Fillers

This week, the GWENs are talking about Botox and other dermal fillers!! We haven’t tried these yet, but some of you asked about them and our sister in wellness, Chaya Barnes, took us along on her medspa trip to It's a Secret. Check it out. 

GWENS - Grocery shopping and meal prepping

 The GWENS discuss grocery shopping and meal prepping, and Shea shows us how to prep one of her favorite quick meals for the week.


Good girlfriends are so so so good for the soul. Ladies, if you don’t have friends like this, you’re missing out. To all of our girlfriends, we ❤️ you!!!!

This week, the GWENS vlog is dedicated to “good girlfriends”.heck out this great video